Weird World Records!

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longest rabbit

Courtesy of the book of Guinness World Records, now in its 54th year. Here are the weird record-breakers:

Longest rabbit
Meet Amy, the rabbit pictured above! She measured at 81.5cm in Britain this year and is the pet of Annette Edwards. Amy to the Flemish giant breed, which is known to weigh up to 8kg. WHOA!

Largest rubber duck
The world’s largest plastic duck is 25m tall. Without a tub in the world big enough to hold it, the art exhibit found a home in a river near the port of Saint-Nazaire, France.

Most operations to look like an animal
Dennis Avner , of the United States, had 14 surgical procedures to make him look more like a cat. The operations included ear adjustments, forehead implants and changes to his upper lip and teeth. What was he thinking?? SO WEIRD!!

Most sumo squats in an hour
How many times can you squat in an hour? If you’re like Dr Thienna Ho, of Vietnam, then 5135 is a good session. The world record-holder for “most sumo squats in one hour” was inspired to practise her unusual talent by her judo master father. I can’t even squat properly, sheesh!

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  2. but for these i trusted it..

    i want it!!!hit me back ok!

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