Weird illusion Body Arts

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Here’s a collection of weirdest Body Paint Arts. In most of the images one cannot identify whether it’s a body art or it’s real.

One half of the lady’s face is normal while the other half is painted as some zombie. This actually conveys that every person has two sides – a good and a bad side.

half face of a woman painted as evil - weird body paint art

Face of a lady painted on the face of a lady…!! So here’s the illusion. You may get confused as to which is the real one. Or may think both are real ladies standing one beside the other and the photo is clicked sideways.

face of a lady drawn on the face of a lady - illusion body art

Wow it’s an elephant!! Is it..?? Have a closer look once again. You’ll realize it’s not elephant, it’s the hand of a person.

hand painted as elephant

OMG an eagle…!! Wait…it’s not an eagle. It’s, once again, hand of a person painted to look like an eagle. Now that’s what i call a good body art.

hand painted as eagle - weird body paint art

Fishes painted near the mouth of a man and woman to make it look like mouths of fishes itself.

Aarrrgghh…!! Two fishes are grumbling and fighting with each other. Angry fishes!

fishes painted on face creating illusion of angry fishes - weird body paint art

OMG the big fish is going to eat the small one!

fishes painted on face feels like one fish is eating another - weird body paint art

Such a romantic moment between the two little fishes.

fishes painted on face seems like two fish kissing - weird body paint art

Lips of a person painted as Panda’s face. And the panda is opening it’s mouth… No it’s actually the mouth of the person not the panda.

panda painted on lips looks like panda's mouth

The lower part of the face and neck is painted create illusion of a huge mouth.
face and neck painted as huge mouth - weird body paint art

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