Funny Chat Messages – Part 2

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This is a collection of funny text messages sent to some people. Have fun reading…

This is a funny chat between a typical mom and son. The mother keeps texting son about what all housework he has to do and the son does not reply. So mother sends him that she and dad are planning to buy him a car, and instantly the son replies. To which the mom says they are buying any car, she just wanted to make sure that he’s getting her texts or not.

son only replies when mom offers a car

Dad texts son that he’s on facebook and asks him to accept his friend request. To which the son replies *WTF*. Dad asks whats that? He says *Welcome to Facebook* Dad.

dad is on facebook

Mom texts son *Your aunt just passed away. LOL*. Son is completely annoyed about why is mom so happy on aunt’s death?
Further mom realises that LOL means *Laugh Out Loud* and not *Lots Of Love*. Interestingly she had already sent such a message to almost all relatives and friends.

mom thinks lol means lots of love

Dad messages son that he has forgotten his phone at home. As if son is going to read it.

message someone you forgot your cell

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