Wanna be a celebrity personal assistant?

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Then be aware of their weird needs and quirks! Celebrities are unique, some come become friends with their personal assistants (PA) and some can be a receiving end of their anger.. But, if you really wanna be a PA, then read on and be enlightened about some of their weird work!

-Mariah Carey reportedly once required an assistant to hold up her drink with a straw so that she did not smudge her lipstick.

-Prince Charles has a court of 85 personal assistants. He had a team of four valets so that one was on hand to pick up his clothes; another to squeeze the toothpaste on to his brush; and another who once held the specimen bottle while he gave a urine sample.

-Working as an assistant to Jennifer Lopez cannot be easy. Among her dressing room demands are white flowers, white tablecloths, white curtains, white candles, white couches, and low-watt light bulbs. She also likes her coffee to be stirred anti-clockwise (!!!).

-When Lindsay Lohan went for rehab awhile back she brought along a massage therapist, a hairdresser and a manicurist.

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