Weirdest Fishes Ever!

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Longnose Chimaeras – The long snout is used to detect prey. Chimaeras are primitive fishes, have scaleless skin, and their eggs are encapsulated in horny packages. Longnose chimaeras have a gill cover which covers four gill slits, and also have a venomous spine on the dorsal fin. They feed on invertebrates and various other fishes.

Lumpfish – Yeah, it looks pretty lumpy to me! Hehe! The longest lumpfish recorded from the American coast measured 23 inches, and weighed 13 pounds while the heaviest weighed 20 pounds but measured only 21 inches (both from Orient, NY).

Grenadiers or Rattails – less commonly known as Whiptails. These fishes are generally large, brown to black gadiform marine fish of the family Macrouridae. Found at great depths from the Arctic to Antarctic, and are best known for their “cameo” in the movie Titanic, where they are glimpsed during the ROV reconnaissance of the wreck.

Teeth Fish – need I say more?? LOL!

Anglerfish – named for their characteristic mode of predation — wherein a fleshy growth from the fish’s head (the esca) acts as a lure. This is considered analogous to angling. Anglerfish are both pelagic and benthic fishes of the abyss and the continental shelf. They appeared as one of the bad guys in the uber popular animation flick Finding Nemo. Personally, I find them really scary-looking!

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  1. The second one doesn't look very agile to me. Wonder how long it would take for nature to kill it via evolution. :P

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  2. Uh huh….I guess there's a good reason why they live underwater….out of sight….can you imagine walking through the forest and seeing creatures with those kinds of faces leering at you from behind the trees??? We'd all be running for our lives and screaming like school girls!!! CRIPES!!! Although "Teeth Fish" looks like an old high school teacher I had. No kidding.

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  3. @Fyl : lol well said, exactly my thoughts on these creepy creatures, they look better underwater, dont they ?

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  4. A cross between, a hedge trimmer and and a jar jar head off star trek.3rd one

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  5. omg!!! i sooo want those fish!!!escpecially the last one…the ANGLER(IF YOU TAKE AWAY THE L INANGLER IT LEAVES ANGER)LOL it looks angry! i want a squishy blob of fish like the lumpy fish!!lol soo cool how some people know so much about fish!

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