WEIRD things kids swallow!

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Imagine this — an 8-year old kid from Indiana has swallowed 20 steel balls and 10 magnets from a Magnetix set last month and nearly died!! We all know that kids swallow all sorts of weird things, and some are safe, not so safe, or downright dangerous. So which is which? Read on!

1. Play-Doh and crayons are…safe. “Anything that says non-toxic is fine, usually. That means swallowing crayons and Play-Doh is okay.”

2. Pennies and buttons are…usually safe. “Most small, smooth things like coins and buttons usually pass right through the digestive tract. But in rare cases, it can get stuck down by the voice box cartilage, too. In that case, kids normally complain of neck pain, have a cough, and experience trouble breathing.”

3. Boogers are gross…but safe. “Boogers are fine–kids swallow those all the time!”

4. Bobby pins, needles and safety pins are…not so safe. “Anything with a point is not fine. The puncture issue is the problem, and perforation can occur anywhere along the digestive tract–from the esophagus to the stomach to the intestines.”

5. Magnets are…downright dangerous. “Magnets can seriously damage the stomach or intestine. They can attract each other though the lining, cause a lack of blood flow, and eventually puncture the lining of the intestine, which can be deadly.”

6. Batteries are…downright dangerous. “Anything that has chemicals in them is bad if swallowed. If your child has swallowed a battery or ingested potentially harmful chemicals, call 911 or Poison Control immediately.”

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