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  1. Man those are so painful looking, it's hard to look at!

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  2. what the hell is cracking off with these pictures they are very disturbing to look at after you have just ate your lunch @ school .Also they are just some of the many injuries that people pick up during the sports they play.

    Overall they are suitable to 16+ as i am i one i can veiw these

    becki charlton

    plz send me pics at my address above

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  3. that is fukin sick dude!!!

    i shall report you to to someone that might listen to me >;(

    coz no one fukin listens to my not even my mother…

    send all of the pics to the address above love you all nathen <3 lyl x)

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  4. p.s bekki is a real 100% twat …. thanks again x)

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  5. definition of pain….

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