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weird sex museum

Venustempel – Amsterdam’s sex museum (Amsterdam, Holland)
Located on the Damrak, a stroll from the city’s famed red-light district, Venustempel is the world’s oldest sex museum. Every year, millions of tourists simply savour the rich stock of erotic paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, recordings and even private interactive viewing booths. That’s one of their displays above!

Musee De L’Erotisme (Paris, France)
The perfect stop for those with a penchant for sex and erotica! The Musee De L’Erotisme is in Quartier Pigalle, an area popular for sex shops. It has a very impressive collection of erotic objects from around the world, including Asian and South American fertility objects, displays on the history of Parisian prostitution and modern erotic arts.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets (New Delhi, India)
The museum traces the history of the toilet from 3000BC and offers fun facts (Louis XIV purportedly used to relieve himself while holding court), examines toilet customs from around the world, and arts and literature (from poems to chamber pots). The museum also underscores the need for proper toilet arrangements around the world.

The Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments (Prague, Czech Republic)
The Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments is dedicated to the display of spine-chilling tools used to extract confessions from alleged heretics. Visitors can see 60 gruesome torture devices in a tour lasting about 45 minutes. Displays range from slow disembowelment tools to head crushers. The macabre tools bear testimony to the darker side of human social evolution.

The Museum of Bad Art in Boston (Boston, US)
Art is always fluid and its boundaries are perhaps hard to define. Museum founder Scott Wilson believed in the unorthodox from the moment he accidentally discovered Lucy in the Field with Flowers, an artwork that is simply indescribable. Wilson picked it up at a rubbish collection and it inspired him to open his now world-famous museum. The museum, which does not accept paint-by-number works, has a collection of 400 unconventional artworks, though only 40 can be displayed at a time.

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