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This is a collection of Funny Weird Facts. Lets see how many of them surprise you…

Symbolics is the oldest domain name in the world. It was registered in the year 1985. Seriously i wasnt even born at that time.

symbolics is the oldest domain weird fact

A human brain consumes 25 watts of power while you are awake. And this amount of power is enough to illuminate a light bulb..!! So go to sleep save energy instead.

brain consumes 25 watts power weird fact

Did you know Male bees die instantly after having an intercourse..??

male bees die after having sex weird fact

Textaphrenia is a new disease found in teens where in they hear or feel the vibration of a text message when there is no text message actually. So do you feel the same??

textaphrenia is a disease in teens weird fact

Earthworms have upto nine hearts..!! Which means an earthworm can easily survive a heart attack. It has eight other hearts to keep it alive isn’t it?? :D

earthworms have nine hearts weird fact

If you leave Tokyo by plane at 7:00 am today, you will reach Honolulu at 4:30pm the previous day. Time Travel…Now it’s possible!! :D

time travel weird fact

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