Weird Diets of Celebrities!

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1. Master Cleanse / Lemonade Diet – Water mixed with maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Beyoncé admitted following this regimen for two weeks to drop 20 pounds for the film “Dreamgirls.” Jared Leto used it to shed about 30 pounds he gained to play Mark Chapman in the new film “Chapter 27.”

2. IV Diet – Celebrities check in to the hospital to get put on an IV (intravenous) so they can avoid eating altogether.

3. Boiled Egg Only Diet – During the filming of “Cold Mountain,” there were rumors that one famous actress on set ate only boiled eggs. She would rise in the morning and eat one and then have one or two at the end of the day. That was her entire diet! Could this be Renee Zellweger??

4. Red Bull Diet – Who else epitomizes this but Paris Hilton! The heiress caused a stir when she walked into New York restaurant Nobu recently and told the waiter her order of “Mineral water.” Over the course of her two-hour “meal,” Paris only took sips of water and Red Bull – she didn’t eat a single bite o_O

5. Dieter’s Tea Diet – In reality, it is a mild laxative and some stars drink up to 10 cups a day. One Hollywood trainer says: “The latest trend among models is mixing laxative tea with the Master Cleanse diet. All they drink is Master Cleanse and laxative tea.”

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  1. omg im on the big screen

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  2. how the hell can you do it? just eat sensibley!!!

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  4. This was a great help for my Public Speaking with the title of "Diet and Exercise have become obsessions"

    Thank you

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