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Back in the college days of our moms and dads, Psych 101 was considered a quirky class. But these days, it’s just another boring class. So what’s the latest quirky and weird college classes around? Check this list from! Enjoy guys! ^_^

1) Santa Clara University offers a class called The Joy of Garbage. Its professor Virginia Matzek says, “I like it to be fun. We sort through garbage on the first day of class, and I actually have a closet full of (dry) garbage in my office for that purpose right now. But it’s also a serious class that requires people to do research and learn how to work with data.” Yeah, sorting through garbage sounds like a ball.

2) Physics professor Michael Dennin teaches a Science of Superheroes class at UC Irvine. The course description says, “Have you ever wondered if Superman could really bend steel bars? Would a ‘gamma ray’ accident turn you into the Hulk? What is a ‘spidey-sense’? And just who did think of all these superheroes and their powers? In this seminar, we discuss the science (or lack of science) behind many of the most famous superheroes. Even more amazing, we will discuss what kind of superheroes might be imagined using our current scientific understanding.”

3) If UC Irvine had a soul mate, it would probably be Columbia College, where a course called Zombies in Popular Media is offered. Apparently academia’s impression of what college students find interesting mostly involves mutation, monsters, and really muscly guys with weird allergies to green rocks.

4) Professor Karim Tiro taught a class at Xavier University called A History of the Pig in America. Apparently pigs may be metonyms for America.

5) At Lynn University, students can opt to take a course entitled The Final Four Experience, in which students actually were able to attend the Final Four. Now that’s the kind of final I’m talking about…

6) Ken Keffer of Centre College lets his students endorphinize and intellectualize simultaneously in his course, The Art of Walking. On a normal day, the professor brings his students on walks while discussing Kant.

7) Though most college students could write their own books on infidelity, at the University of Pennsylvania, they can also take a class called Adultery Novel, which faithfully follows the traditions of adultery in novels throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

8) There’s just something about bad television that’s irresistible to philosophy professors, which is probably why Professor Linda Wetzel of Georgetown University offers a course called Philosophy and Star Trek. That and according to Wetzel’s description, “Star Trek is very philosophical.”purchase accutane

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