"Weird and Wonderful Inventions" opens in London

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self-pouring teapot wristwatch

The Weird and Wonderful Inventions display, which has already opened (and will run until November 10) at the national library in central London, is a showcase of eccentric contraptions and ingenious gadgets. All the weird stuff are from the collection of Maurice Collins who got crazy inventions since 1851 til 1951. He says,

“I’ve got more than 1,200 items and it’s anything that I find a bit peculiar rather than something that would have been successful or other people would collect. I don’t collect sewing machines or typewriters. It’s things that perhaps nobody else would be bothered with, but in some way helped normal people with their lives, like the self-pouring teapot (above left) or the dynamo torch.”

The Weird and Wonderful Inventions collection also includes a brandy bottle lock from around 1880, to stop the servants helping themselves to a swig, and a 1920s wristwatch with a scrolling maps on it (above right) — an early equivalent of today’s sat nav gadgets. There’s also a memorandum clock with slot-in bone memos and bells sounding when time was up were useful for businessmen with meetings and prostitutes alike.flagyl 250 mg

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