Top 5 Geekiest Jokes – Part 1

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We have made a list of funny pictures for our Geeky/Nerdy Readers (No Offense). These are some of the Nerdiest jokes or pictures you’ll ever see or read. Some of these would be hard to understand for Non-Geeks/Nerds so I would try to explain each one of these images as we go along. Here we go:

    1) MYSQL

    Geekiest Joke about MYSQL

    MYSQL is a open-source relational database management system.

    2) 50 Shades of Grey

    50 Shades of Grey Joke

    These Hex Codes represent the 50 shades of Grey (Color).

    3) Pizza

    Volume of a Pizza Joke

    Mathematics not being my strong points, this one was a bit tough for me. What I was able to decode from this is that it is a formula for Volume of Cylinder. Considering pizza as a Cylindrical object. Hence, Volume = Pi x R^2 x D. Where R is replaced by Z and D is replaced by A so the end product is Pi x Z x Z x A. Phew! that was way too much Mathematics for one day.

    4) Howard’s (from The Big Bang Theory) Nerdy Pick Up Lines

    The Big Bang Theory One Liner

    Chemical Symbol for Copper is Cu and for Tellurium (never heard of this element before) is Te.

    5) Scientific Song

    Scientific Song

    Physicists/Inventors – James Watt, Henrich Hertz & Samuel Morse singing the Song No Love – by Eminem

So this was Part 1 of the Top 5 Geekiest or Nerdiest (Whichever you prefer) jokes post, we have more to come and will be posted soon. Hope you enjoyed this one, leave a comment if you did.

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