Top 3 weirdest hotels in Asia!

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Let’s start with number 3 — the Crazy House Hotel or Hang Nga Guesthouse in Vietnam. This hotel was built in 1990 in Dalat, and has since been added onto numerous times over the years. This treehouse of sorts more resembles a fairytale castle than a hotel with its curvy interior and exterior.
crazy house hotel

Our number 2 weirdest Asian hotel is the Capsule Inn in Osaka, Japan. The room just consists of a small capsule, with about 2m x 1m x 1.25m area. The capsules are stacked on top of each other, and each one has TV, bed, and a wireless Internet connection. Yeah, pretty cool amenities!
Capsule Inn

And last, but not the least, our weirdest hotel in Asia — the Flush Hotel in South Korea! Yup, flush as in toilet! The hotel is shaped like a toilet and the owner, Sim Jae-Duck, built the $1.6 million toilet bowl in order to raise awareness about cleaner sanitation around the world. The weirdest thing: staying for one night will cost you $50,000!! However, the proceeds will go to poor countries and provide them with proper sanitation ^_^
flush hotel

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  1. All hotels represents a theme of death. Extremely Interesting!!!

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