Top 10 Pranks Funniest Played on People

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This a collection of Top 10 pranks played on people. Its the best of just for laugh gags and it’s really hilarious.

1) A lady in pink uniform purposely looses a wallet in front of a person, whom the prank is played on, and vanishes all of a sudden. Then the person goes searching for the lady in pink uniform. Meanwhile, many other ladies wearing same uniform appear to confuse the person.

2) A prankster acts as a blind person and hires a taxi. He instructs the taxi driver to put his luggage in the taxi and take him to his(blind person’s) house. On reaching his house, the driver sees that the house is actually completely burnt down and is in complete shock. Meanwhile the blind person tells driver to keep the luggage in his house and walks towards the house. The driver is in complete shock as he thinks the blind person is unaware of his burnt house.

3) Prank location is a zoo. Two men disguise as gorillas – one as male and the other as female. The male gorilla makes a bouquet out of leaves and presents it to female gorilla who rejects it. All this happens when a couple(whom the prank is played on) is watching them. The male gorilla then presents the bouquet to girl standing outside his cage.

4) It’s an emergency case in hospital. An old man is taken to operation theater while his family waits outside acting very worried, all this is done in presence of other patients(whom the prank is played on). Then after sometime the doctor steps out and says that the old man is no more. The family members start jumping in joy that finally the old man’s dead and the other patients are in complete surprise as to what makes them happy on hearing about someone’s death. Suddenly the old man steps out of the room and sees his family jumping in joy. All the patients are scared as to whats going to happen next.

5) A boy(prankster) has a stall set up on the road and is asking the passing by females to kiss a toy frog in his hand as he believes it’ll turn into a prince. As the woman kisses the toy frog, a lot of smoke arises from inside the stall and all of a sudden a man dressed as prince appears in front of them.

6) A boy(prankster) in purple pants is harassed by some other boys while he is sitting next to a person(whom the prank is played on). He then walks into a nearby booth. He moves out of the booth from a back door and a muscular man who looks like hulk goes in. He breaks through the booth to make it look like the small boy transformed himself into hulk, scarring away the people around.

7) There’s a small stall for donation at a mall. The man on the stall asks passer by(whom the prank is played on) to stand for a few minutes till he returns. A small piggy bank is kept at the stall. After sometime a man dressed as Jesus passes by and keeps his hand above the piggy bank pretending to bless it. The person standing on the stall is annoyed by this act. Then as Jesus moves a ahead, Suddenly money starts gushing out of the piggy bank. This leaves the person at the stall in complete shock.

8) At a grocery store, a person(prankster) is solving a fan’s circuit problem and there’s a woman who is the owner of the shop. When any customer(whom the prank is played on) comes for billing purpose, all of a sudden the light goes off and there’s complete darkness. Meanwhile the customer see a fairy in red light just for few seconds. Then the current comes back and everybody around acts completely normal to make it look as if the customer has had a dream.

9) At a coffee shop, a man is having his coffee(whom the prank is played on). Suddenly, two beautiful girls ask him if they could sit next to him. The man obviously agrees. The girls then leave their bags on the chair and tell the man that they would come in a moment. After a few minutes the girls arrive with two old ladies and make them sit next to the man and go away. The man is completely annoyed at this. On top of it, The two old ladies keep on staring at him.

10) A young handsome man locks his car with a remote in style. While there are some girls(whom the prank is played on) passing by. He keeps looking at one them till they cross past. And just when do, the man burps making a loud noise which annoys the woman.

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