Top 10 Misspelled Tattoos

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Nothing says forever like a Misspelled Tattoo

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And he’ll juge your spelling

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Possibly the most famous misspelled tattoo. Instead of Chi-Town as the man requested, he got “Chi-Tonw”. He later sued the tattoo artist.

misspelled tattoos, erroneous tattoo

Does he mean the spelling system?

misspelled tattoos, tattoo errors

You’re Ambelievable!

tattoo errors, misspelled tattoos

Tomarrow never knows how to spell tomorrow right

tragedy comedy tattoo, misspelled tattoos

Don’t know if this is Comedy or… Tradgey

misspelled tattoos, error tattoos,

Can you spot the three misspellings?
ANSWER: freinds, straind, surley

misspelled tattoos, error tattoos, tattoos

CNN reported that Joseph Beahm paid $100 for this tattoo, which was supposed to read “Why Not, Everyone Else Does?“. Instead it came out as, “Why Not, Everyone Elese Does.” He sued the tattoo parlor to pay for his laser surgery. LOL

misspelled tattoos, tattoo errors,

To bad you don’t own a dictionary

misspelled tattoos, error tattoos

Your Alive? No, sir, that’s MY Alive. Give it back!

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  1. To bad you don’t own a dictionary

    ^^ "To" would be spelt "too".

    Too bad YOU don't own a dictionary.


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  2. Dude, did you not look at the other comments they made? They were making fun of every single person on there by using the SAME misspelling they did…and 'spelt' should be 'spelled' Just sayin.

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