Remember your Dearly Departed as a diamond

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Yeah, you read it right.. LOVED ONE = DIAMOND. Imagine this: cremate your loved one and from his/her ashes, a diamond will be created — for you to cherish until the end of time. After all, diamonds are forever =) If it sounds weird to you, it is! LOL! But there is really a service that does this. Algordanza, a small company based in the mountainous southeast of Switzerland, uses the ashes of dead people to make diamonds at prices starting at less than 5,000 euros ($7,488). U.S.-based LifeGem and Britain’s Phoenix Diamonds also offer diamonds made from hair. Hair contains more carbon than ashes meaning a gem can be created from the hair of a living person.

Algordanza (“remembrance” in Romansch) Chairman Veit Brimer explained, “Some people find it helpful to go to the cemetery and grieve, and they leave their grief in the cemetery. There are some people who, for whatever reason, do not want to have this farewell. Astonishingly these are mainly Christian people. They say: ‘Why should I say goodbye? I’ll see my husband in 15 years in heaven anyway.’” Laura Simanton at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) concurs, “Some people find it is a great honor and remembrance. The technology is certainly getting better.”

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