NEW weird fishes from Antarctica!

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The eelpout Pachycara cousinsi is one of six previously unknown deep-sea fishes caught at depths of 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) during a British research expedition to the remote Crozet Islands in the Indian Ocean between Antarctica and Africa.

This monster catch was made during the first ever deep-sea survey of life in waters around the Crozet Islands in the Indian Ocean in 2005 to 2006. “We caught a total of 15 fish species, six of which were new,” said team member Nicola King, a researcher at the University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab in Scotland. New fish identified from specimens collected during the two-month expedition include three species of snailfish and a type of crustacean-crushing cuskeel.

The bright pink eelpout Pachycara priedei is one of six new fish species discovered during deep-sea trawls off the Crozet Islands in the oceans off Antarctica. The species hunts along the ocean floor, seeking fish or whale carcasses where scavenging crustaceans gather, according to Peter Rask Møller, curator of fishes at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. The fish’s tiny eyes may pick up bioluminescent signals from squid and shrimp, while its snout is studded with sensory pits for detecting the movement of prey in the darkness. Deep-sea eelpouts have watery, jelly-like flesh, probably due to their sluggish lifestyle and as an adaptation to pressures exerted on their bodies.

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  1. WOW that is some WEIRD and FREAKY fish! Where did you catch them?

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  2. That is a SUPER Weird fish pics you got. They are really groos looking!

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  3. Dear Scientists,

    My name is Emily and I am 9 years old. I am curious about the picture of the newley discovered fish and want to know if toxic waste and garbage mutated the fish. Could this be why it looks so floppy and mutated?

    Thanks for your time.

    Emily Pack

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