Jungli Gigolos

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The Masai’s are a warrior tribe in Kenya that has always kept its secrets. What is no longer a secret is the fact that women mainly from Germany and also from other parts of the world are visiting Kenya only to find a Masai warrior as a lover.

Once they find a Masai tribal these women will often divorce their husbands and give up their luxurious lifestyle for the Masai. Why would they do that? ok, women are naturally weird anyway, but one must agree this is a little strange even for them. So what is the secret of the Masai’s that gets these women hooked for life? Is it the traditional African voodoo magic or some medicines and herbs?

The Masais live in the jungles and are very secretive. In fact very few Kenyans know their secret. A recent study of women who have managed to disentangle themselves from the arms and charms of the Masai have revealed shocking truths.

Firstly the Masai have a free society where a young executive may come home early from a hunt to spend some quality time with his wife and then find a spear standing in front of his low roofed hut. This means that his young wife is busy with someone else. Well the warrior then does something that is going to boggle your brains like anything. He moves ahead stealthily without making any noise to make sure he doesn’t reveal that he is around. Then he goes for a walk. Yes people the Masai tribals are allowed this sort of fun behaviour, only they have to make sure that they have stabbed the ground with their spear as a do not disturb sign. Another reason why the women love the place is that Masai men are circumcised in a different way, one may also say that they are carved to increase a womans pleasure, this in addition to the fact that their man-hoods are quite gigantic since they havent worn any trousers all their life. Yet another fact that endears these gigolos to the women is that in the Masais a boy is considered a man only when he has killed a Lion alone in the jungle, (The Masais havent tried the Indian SSC exam yet or they would know what manliness, bravery and courage is all about)

Women get attracted to these men who are brave and courageous (this is silly, refer previous note).

Now coming to the weird stuff, the news is that local Kenyan guys are painting themselves up and going about as Masai Warriors to attract women. The women are ready to pay quite a lot to get a Masai. Jungli gigolos.

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