girl’s weird backward feet corrected

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Filipino girl with backward feet

Yup, that’s the girl above. Told you her weird feet is backward! See that it faces towards her back? Poor girl! =( But all has been corrected now by surgery (see photo at end). Here’s a bit of history:

The 15-year-old Filipino girl arrived at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx in May with her mother for treatment. She had never been able to walk on her own because she was born with feet so clubbed they twisted backward and upside down, forcing her to hobble on the tops of her feet with the help of crutches. Dr. Terry Amaral, her surgeon, said Jingle’s case was complicated by the fact that her clubfoot was associated with spina bifida, a birth defect that involves the incomplete development of the spinal cord or its coverings. He said doctors who saw Jingle as a baby thought her spina bifida would shorten her life span and prevent her from walking, so they did not treat the clubfoot. But Jingle’s condition turned out go be relatively mild.

Last Wednesday, doctors took off her post-surgical casts and replaced them with special support braces. Then came the moment for which she had waited a lifetime: She slipped her feet into her first real footwear and took several full, long strides. The surgery, which the hospital performed for free, involved inserting screws into the bones of her feet and turning them bit by bit to straighten them out. When the pins were taken out, the feet were straight, but casts were put on for several weeks to keep them that way. Dr. Terry Amaral, her surgeon, expects Jingle to wear the braces for about a year.

Filipino girl with backward feet, now corrected

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  1. I think the surgery was AWSOME!!! Technology amazes me everyday

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