Bizarre Fish Found in Utah!

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Biologists in Brigham City, Utah were stumped when a weird fish with fangs was discovered in a pond. Yeah, the one in the picture. Craig Schaugaard, Aquatic Manger for the Department of Wildlife Resources, said, “When we first saw that fish, we thought, ‘What in the crap is this thing?’” Where did this fish come from, and more importantly, what is it?

The mystery started a couple weeks ago when every fish in the pond went belly up. Ben Boyce, with the Brigham City Corporation, said “Approximately 4,000 fish, when the ice came off the pond, were discovered to be dead.” The pond may have been poisoned, or the water may have run out of oxygen due to the thick ice. “We just have no way of knowing,” Schaugaard said.

Biologists say it’s not a new species. They believe the fish could be a Lake Trout whose tissue decomposed rapidly, making its teeth more prominent. Aquatics biologists say if they can’t figure it out, they’ll let the fish decompose then examine the bone structure to determine the species. While they wait, the fish stories will only grow. Schaugaard says, “It definitely could become an urban legend.” LOL!

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