Aussie wild party boy to host national party tour!

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This is how life rewards 16-year old boys who party in their home while their parents are away. Sure, this is very commonplace, but get this, Corey Delaney didn’t just party with his friends. In case you haven’t heard, this boy from Down Under posted a MySpace notice about his wild party, and he ended up with 500 guests that caused a near-riot. Revelers caused A$20,000 ($17,500) in damages before the party was broken up by police and the dog squad. Corey was arrested after the party and he has since shared that life had become a “bit crazy” since he became infamous. Watch his story in the video below. And yes, he’s wearing his trademark yellow sunglasses. (story continues below)

And the latest project of Corey? He has taken on a celebrity agent and he will be hosting parties in Sydney and Brisbane over the next two months, with another in Melbourne on his 17th birthday on March 21. Corey says, “Working on a building site was pretty hard [he wants to be a carpenter]. Now I’ve got a manager, life’s good.” Corey has been lionized by youths as a legend and condemned as an arrogant brat by most other Australians, with websites inviting people to “slap Corey down the street”. By Thursday Delaney had been slapped by 695,000 Internet users. Is he cool or what?? Tell us what you think!

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