1952 Weird Science Comic cover sells for $200,000!!

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WOW!! That’s a LOT of money! But then Weird Science has always been an icon ever since it began publishing so the weird (and rich!) buyer must have found his purchase to be very satisfying =) According to reports, a major, sophisticated collector of comic book art paid $200,000 for the original cover art of a 1952 horror/science fiction comic. Wally Wood’s cover art for Weird Science #16 (EC Comics, 1952) had been the property of another private collector. The said cover is pictured at left. To my untrained eye, it looks trash. Sorry! LOL!

“This is the highest price we’re aware of for a single comic art page,” said Jared Green, Vice-President of Business Development for Heritage, who negotiated the terms of the sale on the owner’s behalf. “Then again, this cover had everything the collector looks for: a highly collectable artist in the talented Wally Wood, rendering what is considered by many collectors to be the most striking cover scene of his entire career. EC’s publisher Bill Gaines reportedly said that their bestselling issues were the ones that showed boys in trouble, so this comic with its menacing aliens must have flown off the stands.

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